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Now offering complete workplace nutrition services for you and your employees. Wellness initiatives within the workplace can impact the productivity of your company as a whole, by reducing absenteeism and improving overall job satisfaction and morale. Nutrition is a fundamental element to health and wellness, so I am happy to be able to educate you and your employees in all areas of nutrition!

Benefits of Nutrition Education

  • Learn important principles of a diet that supports and promotes overall health

  • Improve health concerns that negatively affect performance at work: digestive health, immune health, stress management, focus, energy

  • Understand and learn how to prepare healthy meals, pack simple and healthy work lunches, and how to include whole, healthy foods regularly and with ease

  • Learn budget-friendly tips

  • Receiver simple, doable and actionable steps to start implementing immediately

Workplace Nutrition Services

Lunch and Learn 

45 minute talk on any nutrition topic 15 minute q&a

Includes gift bag, PDF recipe booklet and electronic handouts

Topic Ideas:

  • ​ Nutritional Basics: Everyday nutrition and health tips

  • Nutrition and other tips for stress management

  • Nutrition for better energy throughout the day

  • Nutrition tips for eating at the workplace and beyond

  • Best immune-supporting foods

  • Weight management tips

  • Supermarket strategies

  • Intuitive eating: non-diet approach to health

  • Meal planning and prep

  • Holiday eating

  • Nutrition for avoiding disease: diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and more

  • Dining out on the road and traveling

  • Healthy eating for busy professionals


            Talks can also be customized to your needs!

In-office consultation day | Individual sessions for employees

  • On site 30 minute individualized sessions

  • Health and nutrition advice & tips provided during the session

  • Full nutrition plan provided in email format within one week after the session

  • Includes gift bag and PDF recipe booklet 

Ask a Holistic Nutritionist | Q&A session

  • One hour Q&A session

  • General topic of interests can be determined prior to session

  • Includes gift bag and PDF recipe booklet

Do you have an idea for a customized service? No problem! I would love to work with you and customize any program to your needs!

For more information on all services and a full price sheet, please contact me using the form below!

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