Millions of Americans struggle with anxiety on various levels. Anxiety - while a normal and healthy response to some situations - can be detrimental to your emotional AND physical health once it become chronic. Aside from symptoms such as depression and irritability, anxiety can also cause physical symptoms like digestive distress, headaches, weight gain, adrenal or thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue, and even autoimmune conditions. At it's core, anxiety is usually a reaction to stress and STRESS has the power to do some damage!


This program is a holistic approach to managing and relieving anxiety, which means that we will look at the WHOLE PERSON including your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbing. The program will involve nutrition programming using a plant-based approach. Research has shown that a plant-based or predominantly plant-based diet can not only provide many key nutrients that aid in anxiety and stress relief, but can also help stabilize and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, healthy weight, healthy and regular digestion, and prevention of MANY chronic illnesses and auto-immune conditions. Learn how to use the power of food as medicine and take control of your anxiety! You will receive detailed guidance for how to go about this in a simple and manageable way.


FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS you will learn, step-by-step, how to use food as medicine in a way that it works WITH your body to help relieve chronic anxiety. We will focus on some key nutrients such as:





-Vitamin B6

-And more!


Each week, there will be a lesson on specific nutrients, how to get them and why you need them.


Also included in this program will be:



-Grocery Lists

-Lots of great information all about the mind-gut connection

-Meal preparation guides

-Weekly plant-based Meal Plans

-Weekly virtual GROUP check ins (via Zoom)

-5 Full body workouts written out and explained

-Weekly guided virtual breathwork sessions with Steve Tanen (via Zoom)

-Journaling prompts to help guide your journal / gratitude practice

-Weekly challenges and exercises for you to learn to implement when you are feeling anxious


*If you miss any of the group sessions, they will be recorded so you can replay them at your convenience!

I will also be available for email support throughout the program.


As you can see, it can take more than JUST proper nutrition to get a hold of our stress and anxiety and this program is your COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE! What better time than now to make a shift in your life toward less stress, less anxiety, more freedom and more joy? Let's do it!


Once you purchase the program, you will automatically be emailed a PDF Intro to Anxiety which talks briefly about diet's effect on anxiety symtoms. This is a self-guided program that can be done on your own time. During your 30 days, you will be able to email me to receive support and answers to any questions you have!



I'm SO looking forward to going on this journey with you all!

Holistic Anxiety Support Program


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