Everyone WANTS to be healthy, but it can be SO CHALLENGING to change your current not-so-healthy habits. It can be confusing knowing where to start, what to change, what information is actually true, what is really "healthy," what will work sustainably into YOUR LIFESTYLE, and how to actually maintain healthy new habits without feeling like you are sacrificing.


That's where this program comes in. A big reason some healthy and wellness goals fail is because we set a big intention or a huge goal without any plan of attack.


8 Week Total Health Overhaul is a revamped version of our original program '6 Weeks to Healthy Habits.' THIS VERSION is PACKED with so much more great info and helpful strategies to not only get you EATING HEALTHY, but also FEELING HEALTHY PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY all while incorporating just small changes each week. The goal is to keep your progress sustainable and in no way overwhelming!


This is a self-guided 8 week program. It is not a diet, it is not a fitness plan, it is not a trend or a fad.


Each week you will receive several PDF files outlining your goals for that particular week as well as all the tools you need to make them happen. As the weeks progress, you will begin to put them all together.


You will also receive a PDF workbook that you can download, print and use to help you keep track of your progress.


Upon completing this program, you will have learned SO MUCH and have everything you need to confidently begin a healthier life. You wont need to worry about "failing" or cheating" or any other diet-y words.



This program is for anyone who struggles with consistency when it comes to healthy eating, understanding the food you eat and how it affects your body and mind, stress managment, recovering from a weekend of 'over-indulgence' as well as anyone who wants to reduce the risk of chronic illess through food, make cooking an easier part of their life, learn a ton of new recipes, fit fitness into their life ALL WHILE getting lots of support throughout the process!


Over the 8 weeks, you can expect to dive deep into the following topics, and come out the other side with a much better understanding and implementation of:


-Reading and understanding food labels


-Keeping a food log


-Setting goals


-Cleaning house


-Healthy Grocery list


-Getting more physical activity that fits your lifestyle


-10 At Home workouts using minimal or no equipment


-Creating a better morning routine


-Building a better breakfast, lunch and dinner


-Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes


-Cravings, snacks and avoiding binges


-Getting more fruits and vegetables (and other essential nutrients) into your diet easily


-Eating out at restaurants and social events without worrying about going "off-track"


-Meal planning guide - how to easily plan your meals weekly, eliminating guesswork


-The Mind-Body Connection


-Nutrition facts vs. fiction and the ins and outs of today's most popular diets


-Managing Anxiety Through Nutrition


-How to use healthy cooking techniques to get the most nutritional value out of your food


-Techniques to improve your gut health and heal associated issues such as digestion, inflammation, skin conditions, sleep and ultimately gain control of your health


-How to eat to promote the sustainability of the planet


-Lifestyle changes that can help you prevent disease and promote longevity



*You will also be ablet to email me throughout your journey with your questions, comments, or just for support!

8 Week Total Health Overhaul

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