• Lisa Herbert

Finding Comfort in the Discomfort

Uncertainty creates storytelling. Our brain likes stories that make sense. This state of crisis does not make sense. Anxiety thrives in the unknown; in the nightmare we tell. We lost control of what happens outside our doorstep. In order to tame anxiety, we must find control. Take control of our mind, body, and energy. Decreasing panic in a panic ridden society takes intention. Live in your intention. No matter what, you’re doing the best you can.

When feeling lost and overwhelmed; always come back to breath. Deep: 4, 4 second inhales - connected with 4, 4 second exhales in and out of your nose. This a mind, body, and energetic form of connection. This is known as the “Box Breath.” We can always control our breath. It’s sometimes the only thing we can control. When in doubt, intentionally control breath.

Anxiety Validation

1) It’s okay to not be okay.

2) It’s okay to feel better.

3) It’s okay to feel worse.

4) It’s okay to be productive.

5) It’s okay to be unproductive.

6) It’s okay for these to change throughout the week/day/hour.

Coping Tips

1) Baking

2) Gardening/Planting

3) Puzzles

4) Bright Walks

5) Organization

6) Art/Coloring Books

Morning Routine

1) 5 minute meditation before leaving bed ( peep YouTube!)

2) Set an intention for the day.

3) Brush teeth/hair

4) Wash your face

5) Get dressed

6) Make and enjoy your coffee/tea/hot water with lemon

Nighttime Routine

1) Wash your face

2) Brush your teeth

3) Call/Skype/Zoom with a loved one

4) Take a bath/hot shower.

5) Use a coping technique

6) Invest in a new t.v show; watching with an effort for having something to look forward to.

Mental Health Tips

1) NYC Hotline for free teletherapy 1-844-863-9314.

2) Virtual exercise classes with engagement from a teacher.

3) Stay connected with loved ones always, do not disconnect!!

4) Set small, realistic goals - ONE thing a day.

5) Celebrate small achievements!

6) Practice self forgiveness.

Michelle is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Private Practice Psychotherapist here in Staten Island. Look out for more great tips and info from Michelle in the future!


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